Excel Training "For the Job"

During my career I have come to realise that a system to support all needs of a business simply does not exist, no matter how large the budget, leaving businesses with little choice but to embrace the infinite flexibility of Excel.

So embrace it I did! From eliminating repetitive tasks associated with cleansing data exported from systems to plugging the void between multiple systems in use, and to building models that don't take a small army to update, Excel can help you.

I find that organised courses are seldom successful as knowledge learned is forgotten unless it is put into practice. Examples worked through in courses tend to be basic in order to explain a concept, which makes it difficult to relate the knowledge back to real-life spreadsheets, which inevitably are far more complex. I therefore train individuals to use the Excel tools that they actually need in their day-to-day jobs.


One to One

Everyone's job is different and therefore needs within teams are too. A one to one session will focus on the specific tools that an individual needs to help them work more efficiently in Excel, and will be tailored to the individual.

Students Typing at Their Computers

Small Groups

A more generic session to help individuals work smarter in Excel. Keyboard shortcuts and smarter formulas are the key to developing models that are quick to update, robust and therefore less prone to error.


Drop-In Session

Full-on training is not always what is required.

"Single-issue" situations are constantly present, and the help needed will vary. From individuals needing a little help to cement their understanding of more complex formulae to helping someone to unpick an inherited model, it's all do-able!