About Emma

A fully qualified ACCA, I have 15 years of day to day hands-on data analysis and modelling experience working in Management Accountant, Systems Accountant and Business planning & Analysis roles within several organisations including small privately owned businesses, multi-national entities and bodies funded by multiple government departments.

In this time I have come to realise that a system to support all needs of a business simply does not exist, no matter how large the budget, leaving businesses with little choice but to embrace the infinite flexibility of Excel.

In these roles I have designed and built Excel-based models to support many pivotal business needs for both financial and non-financial individuals at all levels. These have included:

  • A complex model to establish the level of grant claims required from funders. This model was subjected to a monthly audit as it was imperative that terms and conditions surrounding the various grant offer letters were adhered to

  • I have built numerous tools which enable programme managers to have greater visibility of costs attributed to their projects. These have largely been built using macros and array formulae, allowing lists of results rather than single results to be returned from enquiries

  • Share option expense calculations using Black Scholes and historic volatility

  • Monthly management reporting packs

  • Cash flows

  • Business Planning Models – flexible models which facilitate a high degree of “what if” analysis

  • Payroll models to forecast the full cost of staffing levels

  • Absorption of overheads

  • Cost per unit

  • Investment appraisal

  • Management and forecasting of Working Capital

  • Management of project financials

  • Customer quotation models

Emma Caines